Best Hot Sauces for Global Cuisines – Your Passport to Food Adventure

Sure, hot sauce is awesome on food like tacos, wings, and eggs. Everyone knows that. And most people stop at these hot sauce staples. However, there's literally a whole world of cuisines just waiting for you to pair with the perfect hot sauce. Here are some of our favorites.

Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot SauceItalian → Foo Foo Mama Choo, Bhuty Thyme
When it comes to Italian food, most people halt their spice level somewhere around "zesty". For those of you brave enough, check out High River Sauces Foo Foo Mama Choo. Its red pepper and tomato-based sauce pairs well with any Italian fare, and then the Carolina Reaper peppers will kick you right in the back of the throat. That's a spicy meatball!

Grapes of Wrath Hot Sauce

American Thanksgiving/ChristmasGrapes of Wrath
Is your Uncle Don halfway drunk and talking politics at the Thanksgiving table? For a better way to spice up your holidays, reach for High River Sauces' Grapes of Wrath Hot Sauce. With flavors of the season like grape juice, Cabernet wine, pineapples, and berries, it goes perfectly with turkey and sweet potatoes. And, to guarantee your holiday meal will make you feel the warmth of the season, scorpion peppers and red habaneros are all the spice you'll need around the family dinner table.

Thai Monkey Hot Sauce

Thai → Thai Monkey Hot Sauce
If you're familiar with Thai cuisine, you know it can certainly contain a punch of spice. Captain Thom's Thai Monkey Hot Sauce is a versatile choice to spice up your pad Thai, spring rolls, tom yum goong, coconut soup, or even papaya salad. With a blend of Teriyaki, pineapple, wasabi, peanut butter, garlic, and (of course) peppers, Thai Monkey Hot Sauce will add sweet and spicy to your favorite Thai dishes.

California Zen Mind Altering Curry Sauce

Indian → California Zen Mind Altering Curry Sauce
For a curry dish with an extra kick, Woody's Original Clamlube Brand's California Zen Mind Altering Curry Sauce is the right hot sauce for you. Not only is the name a mouthful, but the one-two combo from the curry and the chile peppers may leave you feeling hotter than a Mumbai rickshaw during rush hour. Enjoy this hot sauce on your favorite lamb, shrimp, or chicken recipes.

Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea

Japanese → Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea
Are you on the lookout for a sinus-clearing, fire-breathing horseradish hot sauce to pair with your favorite Japanese food like sushi, sashimi, steak, or soba? Blair's Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea hot sauce combines jalapenos with authentic Japanese wasabi root and real ginger for a rockin' hot flavor.

Dave's Ginger Peach Hot Sauce

Dessert → Dave's Ginger Peach Hot Sauce, Chocolate Orange Dessert Hot Sauce, Cranberry Dessert Hot Sauce
Yes, dessert gets its own category on this list. Anyone who loves hot sauce knows there's nothing like spicy pepper flavor combined with a surprising sweetness. That's why we chose three different sauces to add to anything from ice cream to brownies to, well, maybe just grab a spoon and eat it directly from the bottle. This is a judgment-free zone.

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Caribbean → Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Hey, who are you calling a jerk? Oh, right. Caribbean jerk chicken is amazing, and you'll love it made with this Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Scallions and Scotch Bonnet peppers will jerk your tastebuds into knots, while allspice, netmeg and black pepper provide an awesome Caribbean zing.

Xtra Hot Peri-Peri Hot Sauce

Mozambique/South Africa → Xtra Hot Peri-Peri Hot Sauce
Zulu Zulu's Xtra Hot Peri-Peri Hot Sauce will have you reminiscing about the Peri Peri chicken you had that one time in Mozambique, or make you want to buy a one-way plane ticket to southeast Africa. African bird's-eye chili (or peri peri peppers, as they're known in Mozambique) gives this sauce a uniquely-South African flavor.

So, if your passport has expired, don't worry–hot sauce can take you to far off places from Thailand to Italy. Go on a global cuisine adventure with some new, exotic hot sauces.

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