Key Lime Pear Hot Sauce

Key Lime Pear Hot Sauce By: Sweet Heat Gourmet


Sweet, juicy pears are the star ingredient in Sweet Heat Gourmet’s Key Lime Pear Hot Sauce, with fruity apple cider vinegar, fresh key lime juice, and habanero peppers brightening up the flavor.

This fruit-forward sauce has a thick, smooth consistency reminiscent of applesauce, with additional sweetness provided by the brown sugar and honey. Coconut water brings subtle hints of sweet tropical fruit and vanilla, while savory garlic, earthy black pepper, and other spices add depth of flavor.

This is the mildest hot sauce in the Sweet Heat Gourmet lineup, with very little habanero heat… most of the spiciness comes from the black pepper. However, there is plenty of fruity, citrusy habanero flavor.

Thanks to the pears, honey, and brown sugar, this sauce is sweet enough to pair with dessert, while the habaneros, garlic, black pepper and spices allow it to stand up to all kinds of savory fare. Pairs well with fresh fruit, poultry, ham, fish and seafood, quesadillas, and pizza… also delicious poured over pancakes or ice cream.

Pears, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Water, Key Lime Juice, Habanero, Garlic, Honey, Brown Sugar, Spices

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