Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce By: Ashley Food Company

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357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce with it's blend of 160,000 scoville super hot cayenne peppers, fiery hot red habanero peppers and finally a whopping 2,000,000 scoville pepper extract is NOT for the faint of heart! Expect a tingle from your tongue to your toes after one taste of this hot sauce--okay, maybe more than just a tingle...

This killer hot sauce contains 357,000 scoville units of heat.

The folks over at Mad Dog have blended Chile extract, fresh Habanero peppers, Cayenne peppers, garlic, and onion to craft a sauce that will blow you away.

357 Mad Dog is the one of the most powerful sauces in the world: "You gotta ask yourself do you feel lucky?" "Well do ya punk?"

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