Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce

Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce By: Bravado Spice Company

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Extra hot

This is no ordinary fruit-based hot sauce! One of the spiciest products in the Bravado Spice Co. lineup, Ghost Pepper & Blueberry is a tangy, savory sauce featuring the bold flavor and slow-building heat of the legendary ghost pepper.

With no sugar added, the blueberries’ natural sweetness is allowed to shine through, along with their fresh, slightly tart flavor… accented by a razor-sharp streak of acidity from the white wine vinegar.

Cracked black pepper brings a subtle earthiness that provides the perfect counterpoint to the sweet, juicy berries, highlighting their fresh flavor along with the fiery ghost peppers.

Very fruit-forward but more savory than sweet, with a distinctive floral note from the ghost peppers, this unique and flavorful sauce pairs well with red meat and game dishes as well as hearty stews, roasted root vegetables, cheese, and even fresh fruit.  Also, makes a delicious spicy vinaigrette… or if you’re feeling adventurous, try it with vanilla ice cream or yogurt.

Blueberry, Raspberry, White Wine Vinegar, Ghost Pepper, Ground Black Pepper, Sea Salt

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