Crimson Seasoning

Crimson Seasoning By: Bravado Spice Company

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New from Houston’s own Bravado Spice Co., Crimson Seasoning is inspired by the company’s popular Crimson hot sauce… but whereas the sauce is a blend of jalapeño and árbol chile peppers, the new Crimson Seasoning combines árbol chiles with a blend of salt, paprika, black pepper, and garlic.

The dried árbol chiles are the star ingredient in this seasoning blend, with a rich, earthy flavor accented by bright fruity notes. The combination of the árbol peppers and paprika adds a hint of smokiness as well as heat. Black pepper highlights the fruitiness and earthiness of the árbol chiles, while a touch of sugar brings out the paprika’s sweetness and helps to balance the salt. The garlic rounds out the flavor profile, complementing the peppers and spices.

Slightly milder than its pepper sauce counterpart, Bravado Spice Co.’s Crimson Seasoning is every bit as versatile, and will highlight the flavors of almost any dish or type of cuisine. Try it with steak, chicken wings, roasted potatoes, shrimp, eggs, macaroni and cheese, burritos, burgers, or even popcorn.

Salt, Paprika, Sugar, Black Pepper, Arbol Chilis, and Garlic

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