Buffalo Style Sauce

Buffalo Style Sauce By: Tabasco

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Tabasco sauce is delicious on wings… but what if you prefer a more traditional cayenne pepper-based wing sauce?

Tabasco’s “Buffalo Style” Pepper Sauce was created in 2011 to solve this conundrum. Milder than Tabasco’s “Original Red”, this savory sauce is made from fruity cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt, and a touch of garlic. Although the vinegar provides plenty of acidity to brighten up the sauce’s flavor, it’s the cayenne peppers that take center stage, backed by the garlic and salt. Tabasco Buffalo Style has a thicker consistency than Original Red, allowing it to cling to the food you pair it with… however, there is no butter or margarine added, so its use isn’t limited to just wings.

With its bold, concentrated cayenne pepper flavor and mild heat level, this versatile Louisiana-style pepper sauce goes with everything from chicken to pizza to eggs to burgers and sandwiches. Also makes a great addition to sauces and dips.

Red cayenne pepper, distilled vinegar, water, salt, garlic.

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