Ames' Hot Southern Honey

Ames' Hot Southern Honey By: Ames


Some like it sweet, others like it hot. How about mixing the two? Foodies everywhere are enjoying spicier food and more complex flavors by combining multiple, sometimes, conflicting tastes.

When sweet is added to heat, the heat is softened yet the flavor multiplies. When heat is added to sweet, the sweet elevates to a new dimension. Think honey on your Grandmothers fried chicken and then close your eyes and imagine it drizzled with Ames’ Hot Southern Honey.

Ames has always liked the heat, complex flavors and fried ______ (fill in the blank).  Several years ago, while searching for the best fried chicken recipe, he stumbled upon an old southern recipe which called for coating the chicken, before cooking, with honey infused with hot chili pepper.  Since then, Ames has been perfecting his own special blend using only sweet, southern honey, and the best chili peppers.

Drizzle this unique blend of southern honey and red chilies on not only fried chicken but yogurt, vegetables, sliced apples and bananas, cheese, pizza, ice cream and more. Add it to marinade for chicken, pork or beef. Whisk into dressings, sauces and cocktails.

When there’s a call for HOT and SWEET, there’s a need for Ames’ Hot Southern Honey!

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