Jalapeno & Green Apple Hot Sauce

Jalapeno & Green Apple Hot Sauce By: Bravado Spice Company

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Granny Smith apples and fresh, spicy jalapeños share the spotlight in Bravado Spice Co.’s mildest hot sauce. While you won’t find too much jalapeño heat here, you will find plenty of jalapeño flavor… along with savory poblano peppers, which add depth and round out the flavor profile. The first thing you taste is the tart, fresh flavor of the green apples, followed by the bold and savory pepper blend, with just a touch of garlic. White wine vinegar provides acidity and a mild, fruity flavor that pairs perfectly with the apples.

With its smooth, almost-creamy consistency, this unique and versatile sauce is an ideal match for eggs and other savory breakfast dishes… also pairs well with seafood, Mexican or Southwestern fare, pizza, chicken, fresh fruit, or anything with avocados.

Green Apple, Poblano Pepper, Jalapeño, White Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Sea Salt

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