Chili Lime Hot Sauce

Chili Lime Hot Sauce By: Cholula Hot Sauce


When it was time to make their “Chili Lime” sauce, Cholula Hot Sauce did not settle for just adding lime juice to their classic “Original” pepper sauce recipe. Instead, they created a brand new recipe… even the pepper blend is different!

Dried guajillo chiles and paprika are added to Cholula’s signature blend of árbol and piquin peppers, with the árbol chiles emerging as the dominant flavor. The first thing you taste, however, is the lime. Notes of citrus zest are followed by the árbol and guajillo chiles, which add richness and earthiness along with a touch of heat.

This sauce is a bit hotter than Cholula’s Chili Garlic sauce, but milder than their Original.

Although the piquin peppers’ bright, fruity notes are more subtle, the lime flavor helps to amplify them, backed by the acidity of the vinegar blend (which includes fruity apple cider vinegar). Hints of dried tomato join the paprika, garlic and spices to round out the flavor profile, with a distinctive umami undertone that further enhances the pepper blend.

If you like citrusy flavors in your hot sauce, this one is for you! Try it with seafood dishes, wings, eggs, spicy cocktails, nachos, or fresh fruit.

Water, Vinegar (White & Apple), Peppers (Guajillo, Paprika, Árbol & Piquin), Salt, Sugar, Dried Tomato, Natural Flavor, Hydrolized Vegetable Protein, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Spices, Garlic, Xanthan Gum.

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