Crimson Special Reserve Hot Sauce

Crimson Special Reserve Hot Sauce By: Bravado Spice Company

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A much hotter version of Bravado Spice Co.’s popular “Crimson” hot sauce, “Crimson Special Reserve” is the company’s spiciest creation to date!

Just like the original Crimson, the new Crimson Special Reserve is a blend of two chile peppers, backed by garlic and white wine vinegar. But while the original recipe featured árbol and jalapeño chiles, Crimson Special Reserve replaces the jalapeños with scorpion peppers — giving the sauce a bolder, fruitier flavor with a much more intense burn.

The sauce’s flavor is equal parts savory, earthy dried árbol chile and fruity, floral scorpion pepper, with just a hint of savory garlic. The acidity of the white wine vinegar brightens up the peppers’ flavor and amplifies the heat. A touch of sea salt rounds out the flavor profile.

While the two chiles share the spotlight flavor-wise, it’s the scorpion peppers that bring the heat — the sharp, searing burn hits your mouth immediately and continues to build, without ever throwing off the balance of flavors.

Every bit as versatile as the original, Crimson Special Reserve is the ultimate all-purpose pepper sauce for serious chileheads.

If you love Bravado Spice Co.’s Crimson, but find yourself wishing it had more heat, this is the sauce for you! Pairs well with pizza, burritos, soups and stews, steak, chicken wings, grilled or roasted vegetables, rice and beans, noodle dishes, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

White Wine Vinegar, Scorpion Peppers, Arbol Chilis, Garlic, and Sea Salt.

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