Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Jalapeno Hot Sauce By: El Yucateco

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The mildest hot sauce in the El Yucateco product line, Jalapeña still packs plenty of heat for a green jalapeño sauce!

This full-bodied sauce features plenty of bold, savory jalapeño flavor, accented by onion powder, spices, and salt. There’s just a touch of vinegar to amplify the peppers’ flavor and heat.

With its bright green color, robust flavor, and a surprisingly spicy kick, this fiery green hot sauce is an excellent match for egg dishes, nachos, macaroni and cheese, and traditional Mexican fare. If you are a fan of green hot sauces but want to turn up the heat a bit, this is the sauce for you.

Jalapeno Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic, Spices, FD&C Blue 1, FD&C Yellow 5, and 0.1 percent Sodium Benzoate.

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