Caribbean Curry Hot Sauce

Caribbean Curry Hot Sauce By: Fat Cat Gourmet Foods

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Fat Cat Foods takes a unique approach to a classic with their “Caribbean Curry” hot sauce. Rather than using fruit or mustard, Caribbean Curry is a vinegar-based sauce… but its flavor is all fresh peppers and spices.

The spicy, savory pepper blend consists of scotch bonnets, red serranos, yellow habaneros, and green bell peppers. The heat of the scotch bonnets and habaneros hits first, but it’s the milder burn of the serrano peppers that lingers on the finish. A touch of sweetness tames the heat to a “medium” level. Flavor-wise, all four pepper varieties share the spotlight, backed by the earthy curry spices and hints of savory garlic and onion. The spices are more subtle than you might expect from a traditional curry sauce, but you can clearly taste their full spectrum of sweet and savory flavors. The acidity and mild flavor of the vinegar provide balance for the savory spices, while highlighting the peppers’ bright, fruity flavors.

Use this versatile hot sauce to add heat and flavor to any fish or seafood dish, grilled chicken, wings, noodles, rice, or roasted vegetables… or try mixing it into hummus or other dips and sauces.

Water, onion, vinegar, green peppers, yellow habaneros, red serranos, scotch bonnets, cane sugar, garlic, sea salt, Jamaican-style curry powder, vegetable oil (soybean or canola), natural vegetable gums.

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