Mexican-Style Habanero Hot Sauce

Mexican-Style Habanero Hot Sauce By: Fat Cat Gourmet Foods

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You’ll find both orange and yellow habanero peppers in Fat Cat Foods’ “Mexican-Style Habanero” hot sauce. With its tangy base of apple cider vinegar, this Mexican-inspired sauce combines fruity, citrusy habaneros with a blend of fresh vegetables and savory spices. Sweet, earthy carrots share the spotlight with the habanero peppers.

If you’re looking for heat, there is plenty to be found… however, the peppers’ heat remains secondary to their bold, citrusy flavor. The apple cider vinegar showcases the fruitiness of the habaneros instead of just amplifying the heat. while its mild flavor tames the onions’ slightly sharp bite. A touch of sugar brings out the natural sweetness of the carrots and habaneros. Along with the carrots, onions and garlic, bay leaves add depth of flavor and provide a rich, savory counterpoint to the bright, fruity habaneros and apple cider vinegar.

Fans of habanero peppers will love Fat Cat Foods’ unique take on a classic Mexican recipe. Pairs well with seafood, eggs and other savory breakfast dishes… and, or course, traditional Mexican fare.

Apple cider vinegar, water, onion, carrots, orange habanero peppers, cane sugar, garlic, yellow habanero peppers, sea salt, bay leaf.

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