Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost Hot Sauce

Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost Hot Sauce By: Fat Cat Gourmet Foods

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A mild hot sauce… made from ghost peppers? Yes. Fat Cat Foods’ award-winning “Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost” is a Southwest-inspired, vinegar-based sauce that features all of the flavors of the ghost pepper, without any of the intense heat.

The ghost peppers’ bold flavor is allowed to shine through in absence of the heat… fruity and savory, with subtle floral notes and a hint of smokiness. Savory guajillo peppers share the spotlight with the ghost peppers, bringing a rich, earthy flavor and a subtle fruity (almost berry-like) note. The acidity of the vinegar brightens up the flavors of both peppers without overpowering them while highlighting what little heat there is. Cumin and oregano round out the sauce’s flavor profile, along with just the right amount of salt.

With its earthy, savory flavors and tangy vinegar base, this unusual hot sauce pairs well with almost any dish or type of cuisine… but it’s especially at home with chili, BBQ, pizza, and Tex-Mex/Southwestern fare. This is one “ghost pepper sauce” that can be enjoyed by chileheads and non-chileheads alike!

Water, vinegar, guajillo peppers, sea salt, cumin, ghost peppers, oregano.

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