1498 Cauterizer Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

1498 Cauterizer Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce By: Heartbreaking Dawn's

Extra hot

Well here it is, the highly anticipated 1498 CAUTERIZER. We've taken the exceptional flavor of our original 1498, and recreated it with 100% fresh TRINIDAD SCORPION PEPPERS. Why woud we do that? MORE FIRE, MORE FLAVOR!! With all of the buzz surrounding the Guiness Book's NEW Hottest Pepper, we know many of you want to experince the full potential of the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper as used in a truly artisan creation. As with all of our products, flavor continues to be Job 1. With all of the strong feedback on the original 1498, the follow up just seemed obvious. Remove the Scotch Bonnet Blend, Up The Scorpion Content and BOOM! We've even upped the overall Pepper content just a bit, for that extra Blast! Cauterizing Heat AND irreplicable flavor!

This sauce features 100% Fresh Trinidad Scorpion Peppers in a background of apricot, blueberry and carrot. The select blend of fruits and spices compliment and enhance the floral bouquet of the Scorpion Pepper creating a uniquely addictive and extraordinarily vaersatile hot sauce.

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