Hellacious Hot Sauce

Hellacious Hot Sauce By: High River Sauces

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Made with habanero mash, smoked jalapeño peppers (a.k.a. chipotles), roasted red bell peppers, and white vinegar, “Hellacious” is High River Sauces’ take on a classic Louisiana-style hot sauce. With its balance of bold flavors, a touch of smokiness, and a “medium-hot” burn, this vinegar-based sauce is all about the peppers.

The habanero mash shares the spotlight with the smoked jalapeños, with the habaneros providing most of the heat… and although it’s mainly the savory side of the habanero that is showcased here, the pepper’s bright, citrusy flavor is allowed to shine through as well, accented by a dash of fresh lime juice.

Garlic brings a mellow, savory undertone that complements the smoked jalapeños, while the roasted red peppers round out the blend with a subtle sweetness that is further enhanced by a hint of agave on the finish.

Finally, the acidity of the vinegar brightens up the sauce’s flavor and amplifies the heat, highlighting the flavors of each pepper variety without getting in the way.

High River Sauces’ Hellacious has all of the versatility you would expect from a good Louisiana-style sauce, but it stands out from the crowd due to its unique pepper blend. Try it with pizza, wings, tacos, macaroni and cheese, burgers, steaks, quesadillas, grilled salmon, or roasted potatoes.

White Vinegar, Habanero Mash, Agave, Smoked Jalapeño, Roasted Red Pepper, Minced Garlic, Lime Juice.

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