Rogue Hot Sauce

Rogue Hot Sauce By: High River Sauces

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Bursting with bold citrusy notes, fresh chiles, and a razor-sharp streak of acidity, High River Sauces’ “Rogue” combines blood oranges, apples, and pears with fruity apple cider vinegar and a savory three-pepper blend: scorpion peppers, ghost peppers, and red serranos.

The fiery scorpion peppers and juicy blood oranges are the star ingredients, with the ghost peppers providing additional heat. The citrus and raspberry notes of the blood oranges pair perfectly with the fruity and floral scorpion peppers.

Thanks to the scorpion and ghost peppers, the intense heat hits you immediately and continues to build, placing this sauce firmly in the “chilehead” category. However, “Rogue” offers layers upon layers of savory and sweet flavor that are never eclipsed by the burn.

Besides providing acidity and amplifying the peppers’ heat, the apple cider vinegar also highlights the freshness of the apples, pears, and blood oranges, while the lime juice brings out the flavor of the milder serrano peppers.

The sweet fruit and brown sugar tame the bitterness of the ghost peppers, with fresh ginger and a hint of garlic rounding out the sauce’s flavor profile. High River Sauces’ Rogue resembles a spicy, savory blood orange marmalade or chutney… only with a much smoother consistency and a lot more heat!

Try it with grilled chicken, breakfast burritos, ribs, fish and seafood dishes, noodle stir-fries, roasted potatoes, vegetables, or fresh fruit.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blood Orange Concentrate, Pears, Applesauce, Scorpion Peppers, Brown Sugar, Jolokia Peppers, Red Serrano Peppers, Lime Juice, Ginger, Garlic

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