Honey Jalapeno BBQ Sauce

Honey Jalapeno BBQ Sauce By: Sweet Heat Gourmet


Made from the freshest ingredients grown by local Pennsylvania farmers, Sweet Heat Gourmet’s Honey & Jalapeño BBQ sauce is a classic sweet and savory tomato-based sauce that rivals the very best of what Kansas City has to offer.

Thick and rich, this sauce is sweetened with brown sugar as well as honey… but it’s the tomatoes that are the main focus.

Jalapeño peppers add a subtle spicy kick, with their bright, fresh flavor and mild heat balancing the sweetness of the honey and brown sugar.

Ground mustard, garlic, and other spices complement the tomatoes and jalapeños, accented by savory undertones of Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce (which are the only sources of salt in this BBQ sauce).

With its mild jalapeño heat, sweet honey, savory spices, and rich tomato flavor, Sweet Heat Gourmet Honey & Jalapeño BBQ sauce is a perfect match for grilled meats of all kinds, from beef to chicken to pork to heartier fish like salmon, tuna, and swordfish. Also pairs well with shrimp and scallops, sandwiches, sweet potato fries, roasted potatoes, vegetable stir-fries with tofu, fajitas, and wings.

Tomato Purée, Jalapeños, Honey, Brown Sugar, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Ground Mustard, Garlic, Spices. CONTAINS SOY

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