Hot Cinnamon Candies

Hot Cinnamon Candies By: Tabasco

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Don’t be fooled by their small size and unassuming appearance… these candies have a kick!

Packaged in a styled replica of the iconic Tabasco® “Original Red” Pepper Sauce bottle, Tabasco’s Hot Cinnamon Candies contain no peppers or hot sauce… it’s all about the cinnamon in these sweet and spicy confections, and chileheads will love the intense flavor and fiery heat.

Best of all, there’s just enough sugary sweetness to provide balance - without taming the heat of the cinnamon.

If you’re craving something spicy and looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, you will love Tabasco’s Hot Cinnamon Candies… the perfect treat for heat seekers of all ages! Available in 5-ounce and 13-ounce bottles.

Sucrose, corn syrup, artificial flavor, modified food starch, confectioner’s glaze, beeswax, carnauba wax, gum acacia and red #40.

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