Red Pepper Sauce

Red Pepper Sauce By: Tabasco

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Founded in 1868, Tabasco is one of the oldest commercial hot sauce brands… and Original Red is the sauce that started it all, with a recipe that hasn’t changed in over a century.

Just three ingredients make up this spicy and flavorful pepper sauce: distilled vinegar, red peppers, and salt. The red peppers in question are Tabasco peppers, which pack a fiery punch to go with their bold, fruity flavor. The fermented pepper mash is aged in oak barrels for at least three years before being blended with vinegar and bottled. Those three years of barrel aging bring out the savory, slightly smoky notes of the Tabasco peppers, while the acidity of the vinegar brightens up the flavor and amplifies the heat. There’s very little salt added, so the clean, fresh pepper flavor is front and center, accented by the tangy vinegar.

A classic Louisiana-style pepper sauce with plenty of heat and acidity, Tabasco Original Red makes an excellent wing sauce… also delicious with breakfast fare, grilled meats, pizza, pasta/noodles, or blended into savory dressings and dips.

Distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt.

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